2gether is a game for 2 players with asymmetric controls, one player is deaf and disabled while the other is blind. The deaf player is carried by the blind one. It is a cooperative multiplayer game with a horror setting. The 2 players receive different informations about their surroundings and are therefore forced to work together in order to resolve the different challenges that they encounter.

The blind player (should) not see the screen and therefore receive no visual information. He carries the deaf player and depends on him for directions. The blind players uses a xbox controller and a headset.The deaf player interacts with the environment but he cannot hear anything and has to be carried by the blind player. The deaf player uses the screen and a mouse. The game starts with the 2 players waking up in a dark dungeon. Their objective is to work together to escape.

Created by: Yann DESMARAIS, Yoan GARNIER, Patrick MONVILLE, Nicolas LAURENT

Stuff used:
– headset
– xbox controller
– screen