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Here are a bunch of articles/videos/tutorials I find inspiring. I’ll fill this page bit by bit. Suggestions are always welcome.

Mechbird’s Alt.ctrl video series will teach you A LOT about alternative controllers

Rudeism’s Twitch chanel, where Rudeism play classic video games with weird controllers of his invention

Cursed Controller, a twitter account documenting allegedly “bad” controllers (some of them are actually pretty great).

bookNIAROF, by Antonin Fourneau & Douglas Stanley, probably the only book about alternative controllers yet (in french)

Queering the controller by Miguel Sicart

Videogames That Go Squish, by George Buckenham

In Praise of coin-operated Machines, by Tim Hunkin

An initiation into museum design, bu Tim Hunkin

Installation Required – Why you should build an arcade cabinet for your game, by Alex Johansson & Jonatan Van Hove

Installation Required -The incredible potential of custom controllers, by Alex Johansson

Controllers Control Everything (or why we need alternative controllers) by Mark Brown

 7 Lessons About Alternative Controllers, by Sjors Houkes (Screenshake 2015 hypertalk)

Game Design WTF, by Adriaan de Jongh (Headstart 2015 conference)

 Jeux Pluriels, a beautiful short film by Nicolaï Troshinsky about physical games (trailer only – french)

Petits essais dessinés épisode 7. A drawn essay (french+english subtitles) by Oscar Barda about controller hacking & games exhibitions


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