The AntiController consists of 2 Servo Motors mounted to the A button and Right D-Pad button of an NES controller in an acrylic box, and a sleeve with an orientation sensor, placed on the user’s elbow. By creating a step of separation between the player and controller you create an entirely foreign experience out of using a familiar device.

This piece pokes fun at the development of video game controllers, by striving to be more ergonomic and to add more functionality controllers have become increasingly inaccessible. As controllers become more complex the barrier of entry to playing video games is raised, additionally the amount of dexterity needed in the hands is increased. The AntiController riffs on this by giving the experience of people who can’t use controllers to those who can, and are used to them. It does this by mimicking what it’s like to have to get used to a complex system on the fly, as well as creating the same effect as playing video games with a lack of hand eye coordination.

Created by : Ofir Rosen

Stuff used :
-2 servo motors
-NES controller
-acrylic box
-orientation sensor

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