Emotions are dangerous to our society. To maintain order, the Human Management Bureau has begun performing random emotion inspections on the citizenry. All citizens must comply.

The Emotion Fugitive Detector robot, or EFD-3016, was made to serve this purpose. An emotion inspection is performed when a human embeds their face into the Evaluation Aperture. The EFD-3016’s internal sensors quickly evaluate the emotionality of the human. Once an Emotional Fugitive is discovered, the execution immediately commences.

The Emotion Fugitive Detector robot is a two-player cooperative game which uses the human face as both its primary controller and screen. One player’s face is scanned for emotions by the installation robot’s face tracking technology. The other tries to determine which emotion is being scanned for. Emotional Fugitive Detector embraces the affordances of human emotional expression, and subverts the concept of a controller. Instead of using the controller (a human face) to exert control, players attempt to send no input while evading detection. Players must find a difficult middle ground in this emotional Turing test: expressive enough for a human, too subtle for a computer.

Created by: Alexander King, Samuel Von Ehren & Noca Wu

Stuff used:
-cardboard case

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