Have you ever asked yourself what it feels like to fight with a “frite” ? Well, “Frite Fight” is here to show you what it is all about ! Frite Fight is a 2 player game, where the fighters have to hit buttons placed on different body parts of their opponent. Depending on which button the “frite” lands, the number of points earned is different (1 point for a hit on the arms, 2 on the legs and 3 on the stomach). The goal is to have the highest score at the end of the countdown.

Agility, precision and tactic are the keys to become the ultimate “frite” fighter. Anyway, your time to prove you have guts has come ! Enter the arena and… GET READY TO FRITE FIGHT !

Created by:  Jim Cador, Raphaël Jouen, Alexis Ledouble,Martin Patrice, Tiyani Traoré-Bastida

Stuff used :
-“Swim noodles” (a swim noodle is a “french fry” (frite) in french, hence the name of the game. Fun fact, uh ?!)
-Knee pads
-Sport bumbags
-Foam boards
-Keyboard encoder PCBs