Gambling Paradise: The Escape Call is played on television.

To guide your AI partner :
– you must give indications of movement with a phone using an operational voice recognition technology,
– you can change your camera using physical buttons to have an overview of the casino,
…and thus allow your accomplice to avoid the guards!

You’ll have to find the right phone numbers on the board in front of you and dial them on the phone keyboard, the numbers are hidden in old newspaper articles or old advertising posters.

You can also plan your accomplice’s movement by using the physical map of the casino which is placed on the desk.

Created by : Baptiste Barreyre, Simon Dejean, Tobias Orange, Théophile Couratier, Maëlle Fadli, Alexandra Ferreol, Dov Benzaquen, Vincent Bruneau, Nolan Jutard, Téo Martin, Florian Ribeiro, Cédric Arnoux, Pauline Roy, Amandine Rul

Stuff used :
– cathode-ray TV
– hacked landline phone
– remote
– cork board
– arduino

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