Interference is a game in which you steal pieces from other players. Five suspended, superthin steel walls dotted with organic patterns resembling cell tissues act as vertical game boards and create the space of play. The game is played by pairs of opponents (there need to be at least two pairs of players). Each pair plays only on a small section of one of the walls – a “cell colony” which is centered on a special black piece. Your goal is to have more of your color pieces in each of the cells of your colony than your opponent.
Complicating this simple strategy game is the fact that each turn, you take pieces from other colonies – the active games of other players. And they are doing the same to you, creating chaos in your game as you are playing. Typically, Interference players begin to metagame heavily, striking deals with players in other pairs, and telling them which pieces to remove.
Created by: Eric Zimmerman & Nathalie Pozzi

Stuff used:
-5 steel suspended superthin steel walls
-Many 2 color cylindrical pieces

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