Magnêsiă is an electronic game-installation, from two to eight players, made during the berliner residency: The Brain. The installation is made from multiple layers of acrylic glass with metal balls, LEDs and magnetic switches in-between.

With magnetized cylindrical controllers, the players can control the balls from above the glass, and must do so in order to bring four metal balls on the targets of their team’s color before the other team.

It was created during a residence for A MAZE./ Berlin in partnership with Polish Institute Berlin and Institute Français Deutschland, and curated by Thorsten S Wiedemann

Created by: Kati Hyppä, Karina Smigla-Bobinski & Tatiana Vilela

Stuff used:
– metal balls
– LEDs
– magnetic switches
– cylindrical controllers filled with Neodym
– acrylic glass

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