Objects in Space is a modempunk stealth space-trading game set in Apollo – a huge cluster of star systems dozens of lightyears away from Earth. You are a lonesome ship’s captain, buying and selling wares in order to keep your bucket of bolts afloat and stay one step ahead of pirates, organised criminals, corrupt governments and shady laws.

The game is played with a full-physical control set including custom-built spaceship interior panels, speakers, an 8-digit display, a keyboard, an ignition key, and furry dice.

Created by : Flat Earth Game

Stuff used :
-5 Arduino Mega
-Arduino-powered fan for the reactor
-various LEDs
-various buttons and switches
-8 unit digit display
-large, flat keyboard
-lots of masking tape
-acrylic paint in the desired colours
-brushes and sponges
-buttloads of wires, Arduino plugs, wood screws, cable ties and heat-shrink tubes

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