A book installation inspired by the One Hundred Ghost Stories experience in Japan. The popular parlour game involves sharing ghost stories with friends in a dark room filled with a hundred candles. After each frightening tale, a candle is extinguished. Upon the last candle going out, a spirit is said to be summoned.

The aim of this studio project was to recreate this experience in the form of a light projection to transport the user into “another world”. Three ghost stories are included: Okiku (the ghost in the well); Koheiji (the ghost from the swamp); and Oiwa (the ghost in the lantern). Using the Leap Motion as a tracking device, the installation invites the user to extinguish the candle flame after every animation, before releasing a myriad of ghosts in a climatic ending.

Created by: Helen KwokFrances Inguillo (sound design)

Stuff used:
– book
– projector
Leap Motion

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