Peaceful Garden is a VR installation created during The Brain 4 residency.

It is meant as a peaceful virtual & physical space in which players can grow a garden, leave their marks and invent their own ways to play.

The trackers are seeds that can be planted and grown.

The controllers leave trails that can be recorded and left for future players

The VR headset acts as a camera and its feed is projected on the screen for all to enjoy.

There are no rules in Peaceful Garden, and no limited number of players. Anybody can come in, grab a controller, a pompom or a ukulele and join the fun for how long they want. The headset doesn’t even need to be worn and can be handheld in order to film from more original angles.

Created by : Zuzanna Buchowska, Pierre Corbinais & Christian Kokott.
Music & Sound design by Oda Tilset & Elie Abraham

Stuff used :
-HTC Vive
-2 HTC Vive controllers
-2 HTC Vive trackers
-Wool (for the pompoms)
-Printed booklets
-Various objects (musical instruments, fruits, candies…)

Picture by Grzegorz Karkoszka