Have you ever dreamed of seeing the Cherry Blossom trees in full bloom in Japan? Projection Mapping a Japanese Garden is meant to evoke the imagery of what your mind imagines it might be like. And as a playful experiment with perspective, this piece is designed to play with your expectations, by selectively displaying portions of the animation on different surfaces to encourage movement and change in perspective in those who are viewing it.

Four doors open into a garden, where a Cherry Blossom tree is growing, and where the roots or the tree can only be seen if you look at the piece from a particular angle, and when the blossoms are scattered across all surfaces near the end of the animation, viewers are again challenged with adjusting their perspective to decide how it appears to them. Watch for yourself, and decide which perspective you like best!

Created by: Matthew Deline

Stuff used:
-Video projector
-Accordian like surface

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