« Quand les hamsters régnaient sur la terre » (When hamsters ruled the earth) is a set of installations featuring Olympic events between real animals and humans, in a fictional universe where hamsters took control of the planet and reduces men into slavery.

The first installation , Hamster Olympics is an athletic game, like the old Track n ‘Field, opposing an hamster and an human player. The hamster runs in a wheel equipped with sensors that will record the speed of his movements and transcribe those on the screen. The player must run in front of a Kinect which record the speed of his movements.

The second game, Hamster Olympics: Fish Edition is a game between a goldfish and an human player. A camera placed above the aquarium captures the movement of fish and will transcribe them on the screen. The human player must in turn mimic swimming movements in front of a Kinect sensor.

Created by: Florent Deloison and Visages du Monde

Stuff used:
-various setting elements

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