Two planets at war, a common moon, a forbidden love… and blasters.

Space, Love and Blouge is an arcade shooter/tower-defense game where you play as two lovers from belligerent planets. Exiled on their common moon, you’ll have to protect it from both ennemy fleets. Trouble is: each player can only see ships from their own planet and can only shoot ships from the other one.

Created by: Léa Docteur, Théodore Laborde, Patxi M. Gonzale, Alvina Damasio, Antonia Lombard, Morgane Bru, Nils Puthier, Jules Gibert, Mael Heurard, Alexandre Agniel

Stuff used:
-2 pairs of filter goggles (red and blue)
– LED strip
– 2 joysticks
– 2 arcade buttons (red and blue)