Superbug is an interactive installation generating a virtual ecosystem. It’s an ephemeral insect generator, each time producing a new specie. The specator can, thanks to a MIDI keyboard or a simple controller, generate an infinite amount of beetles, which can never be generated twice. He can then save them in an encyclopedia, which will be used to create a map of the events visited by superbug, where all the bugs will be catchable. (Soon…!) Superbug is an experimentation in progress, looking forward to create living entities from data specific to a date, a place, people attending this particular event, and creates from it a new piece of life, unstable, born from this gathering, which can then be studied like a group of individuals from the animal kingdom : with a territory, an apparition, mutations, and finally, a disapearing.

Created by : Alexia Blob

Stuff used :
-MIDI keyboard/controller

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