A collaborative musical instrument created from large tubular balloons that inflate and deflate through the interaction of the public, generating different sounds like an air organ.

By blowing through 8 big colorful tubes, you can control the intensity of the fans contained in each balloon, creating inflating and deflating effects and producing different sounds and collective musical compositions at the same time.

Each tube has a microphone inside that works as a sensor. When the system recognizes that someone is blowing through one of the tubes, it affects the associated fan’s spinning intensity and outputs a specific sound.

It has 3 buttons on the front that modify the sound output and affect the interaction. Each set of sounds and interactions represent one of the three states of love: sexual impulse, romantic love and attachment.

Created by: Mónica Rikić, Rodolfo Venegas aka Sonikgroove, Andrés Costa

Stuff used:
– inflatable balloons
– plastic tubes
– microphones
– fans
– speakers

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