Unfolding The 8-Bit Era is a hardware and software system that transforms 8-bit side-scrolling console video games into immersive multiplayer experiences.
It enhances a classic video game console with custom hardware that time-multiplexes eight gamepad inputs to automatically hand off control from one gamepad to the next. Because control transfers quickly, people at a large event can frequently step in and out of a game and naturally call to their peers to join any time a gamepad is vacant. Video from the game console is captured and processed by a vision algorithm that stitches it into a continuous, expanding panoramic texture, which is displayed in real time on a 360 degree projection system at a large event space. With this system, side-scrolling games unfold across the walls of the room to encircle a large party, giving the feeling that the entire party is taking place inside of the game’s world.

Created by :F. Zünd, P. Bérard, A. Chapiro, S. Schmid, M. Ryffel, M. Gross, A. H. Bermano, R. W. Sumner

Stuff used :
-Nintendo Entertainment System
-Side-scrollers cartdriges
-8 NES controllers
-360 degree projecting system

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