UNLOCK. UNPACK. is an escape-room-in-a-suitcase… Sort of.

There are infinite clues and no time limits. The experience is for two to three players who are asked to collaborate to solve three puzzles. The goal is to grow closer through shared experience, to build connections to themselves, to each other, and to past players who they may never meet face to face. Everything needed to solve the puzzles is included with the suitcase. (But it’s okay to need a hint or two, or three!) When players solve one of the three puzzles, they gain access to a thematically-linked question, along with the answers of past players. Write to your self, past, present or future, or to a stranger who might need your words, or maybe, to the person sitting next to you. You decide.

A game of connection, exploration and resilience.
Created by: Jess Rowan Marcotte

Stuff used:
-Conductive fabric and thread
– Raspberry Pi 4
– 3.5’’ LCD screen
– Makey-Makey
– 5 Floras
– 5 vibrational motors
– 5 Neopixels rings
– BBC micro-bit
– RFID lock
– analogic locks
– wires
– custom-built wooden suitcase

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