A game where lies and treachery are put on the table. 6 to 10 players, two sides : innocents and traitors. Each turn a king and three council members will be elected. On top of the table stands the king and his subjects. Beneath the table sits the council. The king knows how many traitors are inside the council thanks to his vibrating crown, and can tell whoever he wants (or lie).  The king will try to sway his subjects to kill the right person for his side to win, whether he’s innocent, or a traitor. But the council can see who the people above vote for, and can vote to kill the king !

Created by: Louis Houyez, Arthur Solleau, Hadrien Auvray, Lucas Ferrantelli, Jules Ismael Tien, Léo Marambat-Patinote

Stuff used:
– 1 crown
– lots of planks and screws
– 23 buttons and lots of wiring
– 1 webcam
– 1 screen
– 1 controller