Victor the Loser is a household gaming system that is a bad loser. Seemingly a regular home arcade game controller, Victor the Loser only reveals its true colors when it feels threatened by the player’s imminent victory, when it will try to sabotage the player’s progress in unexpected ways with an arsenal of tools. Tiny handles reaching out from within the enclosure to interfere with the player’s controls. A joystick spinning unpredictably, confusing the player’s directional controls. A flag waving in front of the monitor, distracting the player and blocking their vision. A cable that ejects itself from the game console, and more.

Created by: Chao Hui Tu, Magnus Pind Bjerre, Xianghan Ma, Chuck Kuan & Yumeng Wang

Stuff used:
-Wooden case
-spinning joystick
-automatic handles
-automatic flag
-self-ejecting cable

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