Zhōng is a game where you make tea for two, one player is mute and the other blind…

The game master places the tea material on a table and explains to the players they will have to work together to prepare the best cup of tea, they can discuss for a minute what they want to achieve. Player 1 is sat in front of the table, blindfolded and his wrists tied with a string. Player 2 sits on his knees and Player 1 passes his arms around him, allowing the Player 2 to control his hands (see picture).

The game master then asks the players to start preparing the tea cup by moving water from a jug to a teapot where the tea will infused and then to a cup. Player 1 should remain completely silent while he’s guided by Player 2. The game ends when both players feel they made a good tea.

While the game can be played without any electronics, it was originally meant to be played with a makey makey and two metal wristbands.

Created by : Alexandre Vaugoux

Stuff used :
-Warm water
-tea bags
-string or makey makey + metal wristbands

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