Palimpseste is a first person exploration game played with a custom apparatus that enables players to change the color filter through which they look at the screen. Players must find their way through the maze by changing filters and revealing places, doors, stairways and hallways that they could not see otherwise. Palimpseste uses a custom mechanical helmet featuring three different positions associated with three different color filters: red, blue and green. Players can switch from one filter to another by using the handles present on the helmet’s sides. The last layer of the LCD screen consisting of a polarizing filter was removed, making it blank and unusable. A polarizing filter was then added onto the color filters of the helmet so that players cannot cheat by taking the helmet off.

Created by : Le Chant du Cygne (Simon Chauvin, Romain Enselme & Gaël Bourhis).

Stuff used :
-custom mechanical helmet
-LCD screen without polarizing filter

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