(This list is far from complete, please contact us to add places/events)

Near you

One of the challenges of alternative controllers is to get the video-game out of its dedicated places. Why not start here ? Contact your local pubs, associations and offer them to exhibit your game. You’ll probably need to stay near your game during the whole « exhibition » but it’s also a great way to playtest it in order to improve it.

If there are Fab Labs, Hacker Spaces or Maker Faire near you, don’t hesitate to contact them as well. They usually really interested in those kinds of weird digital experiments.

Fab labs around the world : https://www.fablabs.io/map

Hacker Spaces around the world : https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/List_of_Hacker_Spaces

Maker Faires around the world: http://makerfaire.com/map/

In the USA

Alt.CTRL.GDC (San Francisco)

Come Out & Play Festivals (New York City & San Francisco)

Babycastles Gallery (New York City)

Indiecade (Culver City)

Bit Bash (Chicago)

Siggraph (Los Angeles)

That Venus Patrol & Wild Rumpus Party (San Francisco) 

STEAM Carnival (San Francisco)

In France

Zoo Machines Festival (Lille)

Visage du monde ( Cergy)

Eniarof (Poitiers)

Gamerz (Aix-en-Provence)

Random Bazar Festival (Paris)

Gamelier Demo Nights (Paris)

Museomix (various museums)

Geekopolis (Paris)

Stunfest (Rennes)

Gaîté Lyrique (Paris)

In Germany

A Maze Berlin (Berlin)

Local Multiplayer Summit (Berlin)

Game Science Center (Berlin)

Computerspielemuseum / Computer Games Museum (Berlin)

Notgame Fest (Cologne)

In the United Kingdom

Novelty Automation (London)

The Under The Pear Show (Suffolk)

The National Videogame Arcade (Nottingham)

Pop up arcade – Press Fire to Win (Brighton)

The Wild Rumpus (London & Nottingham)

Venture Fest Bristol & Bath (Bristol)

Joypad Bar (London)

 Feral Vector (Hebden Bridge)

Awkward Arcade (itinerant)

In Austria

Play Vienna (Vienna)

Radius Festival (Vienna)

Ars Electronica Festival (Linz)

In Canada

Electric Perfume (Toronto)

Vector Game Art Festival (Toronto)

In Denmark

w00t (Copenhagen)

CounterPlay Fest (Aarhus)

In South-Africa

A Maze Johannesburg (Johannesburg)

Super Friendship Arcade (Cape Town)

In Australia

Hovergarden (Melbourne)

SK Games (Perth)

In Israel

Print Screen (Tel Aviv)

Utopia Festival (Tel Aviv)

In Argentina

Game on! El arte en juego (Buenos Aires)

Museo del Juguete (San Isidro)

In the Netherlands

Incubate Arcade (Tilburg)

The Overkill Festival (Enschede)

In Belgium

ScreenShake (Antwerp)

In Japan

Japan Media Arts Festival (itinerant)