As its name suggests, A Dozen Sliders is a controller based on a dozen motorized sliders. The motor in the sliders allows them to move to any desired position quickly, which can also be used to push and pull against the player. Since the motors in the sliders are fairly small, the exerted force isn’t very big, but while the player can easily overcome the motor, it still enough force to surprise, aid, and (if desired) disturb the player. Several games like “Inslide World” (Geraldo Nascimento, Robert Ramsay, Antonio La Barbera, and Robin Baumgarten), and “Monsterbation” (Maurizio Scuiar, Annakaisa Kultima, Mark Backler, Gorm Lai, and Robin Baumgarten) were designed specifically for A Dozen Sliders

Created by: Robin Baumgarten

Stuff used:
-a dozen sliders
-a dozen motors
-a dozen LEDs

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