Ever dreamed of controlling a defense turret with a wardrobe? Armuino lets you do that! Open and close doors and drawers to rotate, shoot lasers, and regulate your turret’s heat!

Each drawer has two states : Opened or closed.

The first drawer, the movement drawer, controls the crosshair movement : When opened, the crosshair moves.

The second one, the axis drawer, controls the axis of the movement : When closed the crosshair can be moved on the horizontal axis, when opened on the vertical one.

The Third one, the directional drawer, controls the direction : When closed, the crosshair can move to the left or to the top depending of the axis drawer state. When opened, to the right or the bottom.

The fourth one, the heat drawer, controls the temperature of the turret. During the game the temperature inside the turret increases. While overheated you take damages, you have to open the heat drawer to cool the turret down. On the contrary if you let the drawer opened while the temperature is low, you take damages so you have to close it.

The last one, the laser drawer allows you to fire at targets. When opened, the turret loads the shot, on closing the turret shoots (the drawer can remain closed until the next loading).

Created by : Jonas Dutouquet et Darenn Keller

Stuff used :

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