This installation creates a kinetic light space that has a mind of its own, interacting with the surroundings and its visitors. Emergency beacon lights have been modified to create an immersive and powerful experience. Visitors are able to navigate through a grid layout of these beacons, creating an engaging manipulation of lighting and perceptions.

Beacon is a kinetic light installation with a mind of its own. An array of emergency beacon lights interacts with visitors, tracking their movement through the space, creating an immersive and playful experience.

The installation exploits a transfer of technologies from existing industrial products. The beacon lights have had their internal parts replaced with custom hardware, enabling the rotation of the reflector and lamp brightness to be individually controlled. Thermal imaging cameras have been adapted to track the participants’ movement through the space.

‘Beacon’ is orchestrated in real-time by a bespoke control system, which uses tracking information from the cameras to coordinate an interactive and highly responsive behaviour.

Created by : Chris O’Shea & Cinimod Studio

Stuff used :
-emergency beacon lights
-custom hardware
-thermal imaging cameras

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