The game puts the player in the role of a young wizard on a mission to rescue her master from an evil dark wizard. The game is a on-rails experience with the character steadily being moved forward throughout the world. The player uses a spell book to choose and cast spells with magic symbols to defeat enemies attempting to block your path. It all ends in a final battle with the dark wizard.

The SpellBook acts a usb keyboard when used with the Makey Makey circuit board. Each Spell has a hand print that when pressed sends an electrical signal to the Makey Makey through the wires on each page. The Makey Makey then takes the electrical signal and sends a keyboard button input to the computer’s usb port. Each page with a magic circle may have 3 circles, but only 2 circles send keyboard signals (This was done to add extra engagement for the guest by making them slide their fingers over the magic circles).

Created by: Timothy Staton-Davis, Nigel Randall, Jaekyun (Brandon) Kang, Yeongmin Elizabeth Won, Shengze Zhang & Akshay Ramesh

Stuff used:
-printed spell book
-makey makey

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