Bubble Popper is an exertion game that combines the magic of popping bubbles in a merged physical-virtual space: players pop virtual bubbles appearing in the physical environment. Players can enjoy the tranquility of popping bubbles, similar to a bubble-wrap popping experience, or they can engage in competitive behaviour, trying to pop more bubbles than their play partner.

Bubble Popper is realized with a Wiimote that tracks infrared light that is triggered by a custom-made glove participants wear to pop the bubbles.

Created by: Cagdas ‘Chad’ ToprakJosh Platt and Florian ‘Floyd’ Mueller with the original Bubble Popper implementation and idea originating from Sevcan Ali, Daniel Beilharz, Luke Dominic-Butterworth (blog), Paco Casares and Nicolas Hower.

Stuff used:
-custom made gloves
-infrared lights

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