In Bunker (formerly “Wheel You Save Us?”), two players work together to find and destroy hidden enemy missiles aimed at their base!

Designed to be played using two bicycles, one for each player, bunker uses asymmetrical controls:

Player 1, the Radio Operator, uses his bicycle wheels to move a target along the X and Y axis, and “scan” objects to listen to the sound they produce.

Player 2 controls a countermeasure missile, and must direct and ram it into select targets using his steering wheel and pedals.

The game ends when too many missiles have found their way to the base.

Created by : Allaire Kilian, Droz-Bartholet Maxence, Gombert Léonard, Lepetz Alex, Lopez Théo, R. Sreyash, Sampat Jay

Stuff used :
– 2 Bicycles, customized
– customized helmet
– 2 Arduino Boards/Kits
– magnets and SensorAnalog tensiometer
– headphones
– buttons