10000 years ago, an Artificial Intelligence, named IE6, triggered a cataclysm on the scale of the universe, destroying it almost completely. A backup protocol has managed to save fragments of this universe, but what was once a harmonious super-nature, a perfect symbiosis between fauna, flora and technology dissociated into two parts. Today there are only two sad and sleepy worlds whose elements are now disconnected. But there are markers, cairns indicating a path or rather bridges between these two worlds, still linked passages that can reconnect again this universe and bring it back to life.

Created for the exhibition Capitaine Futur et la Supernature, Cairns is an installation / collaborative game with two teams. Each team controls a creature while moving on the ground. For many players, team members will have to make sure they stay in sync. They will have to avoid obstacles but especially to collect the most stones scattered on the ground. These are the stones that symbolize the cooperation between the two creatures: when one of them crosses a cairn, she must send it to the creature opposite to recover the stones.

The game therefore offers a double collaboration: a physical experience based on the body, the space and the consciousness of its teammates; but also an invisible help-aid based on the constant exchange between the two teams. Of course, we can decide to arrive first but the players are not encouraged to that.

Created by : Studio Bruyant & Victoria Roussel

Stuff used :
-2 screen
-2 kinects

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