(Picture by Julian Dasgupta)

Codex Bash is played using four coloured button units which connect to a computer by bluetooth. Being wireless, the buttons can be set up in all kinds of environments in imaginative configurations. The basics of the game are that the player is given a sequence of buttons to press, and must run between them to hit them in order. However, as the game goes on, the rules become obscured: instead of being shown a sequence of colours, the player sees a sequence of symbols and must decipher what buttons they represent. With each completed round the way to work out which symbol matches which colour – the Codex of the title – gets more complex. So as players get more tired out from running around they also have more mental juggling to do! For example, one round involves players looking through a book of schematics, and another involves them having to hold down buttons on the keyboard to reveal the mapping.

Created by : Alistair Aitcheson

Stuff used :
our wirelessly-connected buttons
various sheets of schematics

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