Four players are controlling a plane flying through a dangerous aerial minefield. The plane is equipped with four reactors of different colours, dispatched on the two sides, the top and the bottom of the plane. The controller in front of the players is a rudimentary plane with 4 fans, with the same colour of the reactors. To move the plane, each player needs to blow on their fan, in order to activate the matching reactor. From time to time, the plane will rotate, thus reverting the controls.

Created by: Nicolas Ceriani, Axel Chatelain, Nathan Franco Stucklin, Nils Nerson, Virgile Pauli and Pierre Soriot.

Stuff used:
– arduino map uno R3
– Quimat Joystick card and USB adapter
– 4 pairs of cables
– 4 forward fans 12cm with 3 lugs
– USB cable B to USB A
– cardboard