Grave Call is a time-based, asymmetrical co-op game driven by the communication between two players.

The Buried lies in a coffin, only accompanied by a phone with only 10% battery, and a call to a police dispatcher. For every minute, one percent drops from the phone. The buried needs to look at what is inside their phone to deduct where they might be buried. They can hear sounds from outside the coffin, muffled from being six feet under.

The Dispatcher is in charge of the three police patrol units in the fictional town of New Wisby. They can send out units to the 45 locations available on the map, and in return receive information about the location that hopefully will lead to a happy end to a horrifying scenario! The dispatcher is also able to triangulate the call. This function gradually narrows down the location of the caller’s phone.

Created by : Totally Not a Game Studio

Stuff used:

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