One person plays as The Brain. The Brain’s objective is to survive by killing the Idiots with mind control (and an EEG headset) – the player must concentrate, truly, to charge a weapon in order to shoot and kill one Idiot, while the Idiots try to catch the Brain and ruin its concentration! The Brain’s powers hinder the Idiots’ movement, so they are unusually sluggish creatures. This is because concentrated brain waves confuse the Idiots motive abilities, causing them to explode from confusion if they try to move too fast (and because they hold PS Moves). However, if the Brain loses its concentration, the Idiots can move faster and converge on the Brain to catch it and steal its power. If the Brain kills all Idiots, the Brain wins. If an Idiot catches the Brain (and devours the brain), the Idiots win.Now that Idiot is the Brain and it all starts again!

Created by: Anders Børup, Simon Wallner, Amani Naseem, Ida Marie Toft, Julian Hansen and Patrick Jarnfelt

Stuff used:
-EEG headset
-PlayStation Move controllers

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