Intraland is a videogame dealing with a current political issue: Internet Neutrality.
It is a 3D adventure game taking place in an abstract digital world, a metaphor of the Network. Intraland is a closed space, under dictatorship, where the inhabitants are generating datas that are constantly analyzed, censored, even rewritten. The goal is to take control of Intraland, hacking the environment. This breach is only possible using “Command Words”, a metaphor of programming, tabooed by Intraland’s government.

To go forward in the story, the player has to read a paper manual. This manual contains the Propaganda of Intraland, but also a hidden text written in UV ink by the resistance: their Manifesto, and their instructions to take back Intraland.

Created by: Marion Bareil

Stuff used:
-UV Ink

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