Noon is an interactive installation using real objects to convey a narrative. The player takes on the task of unveiling the origins of a tragic fire that long ago claimed the lives of the Novak family. All that remains from the tragedy are some objects miraculously salvaged from the family’s manor. They are the sole remaining witnesses of the demise of the Novaks and they alone hold the key to the mystery, in the form of memories. In order to access and read these memories the player must make use of a special bracer.

By touching or holding the objects and performing different gestures, memories are uncovered and navigated throughout a limited span of time preceding the event. The player pieces together an ambiguous narrative, at times actively confronting a physical manifestation of the most painful memories in the form of poltergeist.

Created by: Tiago Martins & Christina Heidecker

Stiff used
-custom bracer
-various objects

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