There is a childlike quality about wanting the ability to see through walls like a superhero character with x-ray vision. This memory is something the interactive installation Out of Bounds aims to capture.
The work encourages visitors to bore through the walls of the museum and engage in a ‘behind the scenes’ experience with an x-ray torch. This playful interaction encourages childlike curiosity in young and old alike, and opens up a portal into the Museum’s forbidden spaces.
Shine the torch at the wall to reveal the secrets hidden beneath. Pay an anonymous visit to the staff office, collection’s store, workshop, roof hatch or plant room.
Just as a torch shines light into a darkened space to bring things into focus, this work uses the torch as a way of looking into the workings of a modern museum.

Created by : Chris O’Shea for Designers in Residence at the Design Museum, part of the London Design Festival.

Stuff used :

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