A Frankenstein experiment combining the greatest musical invention of all time, the Piano; with the coolest amusement machines ever conceived; Pinball, to create an interactive sound installation like no other; Pinball Pianola, a musical instrument constructed by replacing the hammers and front paneling of an upright piano with a pinball cabinet butted up perpendicular against its exposed strings.

Embracing high and low culture the game allows virtuosos and wizards alike to pit their skills in a game where musical compositions are created as metallic balls jettisoned into the game clash with the pianos wires as players joggle them about using twenty individual flippers triggered by the pianos keys.

The traditionally loud pinball experience is created by amplifying the soundboard with contact microphones connected to audio processors like fuzz, ring modulation, envelope filters etc. These are controlled via six pinball targets situated in the playfield turning them on or off when hit. The parameters of the sounds can then be adjusted via a console mounted onto the games cabinet.

Created by : Lucas Abela

Stuff used :
-contact microphones
-audio processors

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