With Plug-Plug each player can personalize a controllable modular robot, by plugging in up to three parts into their controller. The controller serves as a hub for all input modules, it contains a gyroscope that allows the player to move his robot along the ground. There are multiple unique parts, each offering an original ability / manner of interaction. Using their unique configurations, players can face off in a variety of game modes like Sumo Wrestling, Basketball, Volleyball, but also coop puzzle platforming levels.

Created by: Matthieu Chapeland, François Iakouchev, Thomas Giuliani, Adrien Six

Stuff used :
– composite wood (6mm)
– 2 Arduino Uno
– cables
– 32 magnets (8x8x8mm)
– 2 gyroscopes
– 2 sliders
– 2 big red buttons
– 2 arcade red buttons
– 2 computer fans
– 2 potentiometers
– 4 screws
-16 plastic 6-entries cable connectors

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