Push 2 is a side scroller game in wich the player use a sequencer as a controller. In this game you play a little spaceship that must collect all the music note to recompose the music track. The game is directly displayed on the screen of the sequencer. To control the ship the player must use the slider of the sequencer.

The track is decomposed in 8 measure with 4 instrument and each color on the sequencer is associated with 1 instrument. The player have to retreive the 8 measure of the 4 instrument to complete the game. When the player catch a note with his spaceship it will activate the corresponding led of the matrice however if the player already have it he will loose it so he will have to retreive it again. To help the player to know at wich measure he is there is a line of led that light up at each measure.

Created by: Octave Schlumberger, Quentin Theret, Antoine Gilles, Yoav Bensadoun & Grégory Le Bris

Stuff used:
– computer
– Ableton Push 2