An homage to the Dada and Fluxus art movements, RainboDisko is a tabletop game for 2+ players to be played on an operating record player. Tension mounts as pieces are placed on the rapidly spinning record, until a clumsy move incites a chain reaction of centrifugal force and flying pieces. This is a game of speed, dexterity, and anarchy.

Players take turns to place pieces on the disc while the music plays. They receive a point for each piece that falls off before the next player places their piece. At the end of the record, the player with the least number of points wins. The record player’s speed can be adjusted to create different levels of difficulty.

Created by: Arcade Vynil Inc.

Stuff used:
-1 record player
-1 record (preferably the self-titled album Christopher Cross)
-12+ game pieces (ideally they should be tall enough to fall down and/or interact with the arm but they should generally stay on the board to some degree)

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