Sentree (previously Zumbie) is a game for two mobile devices, preferable a smartphone and a tablet. The players take two different roles, the shooter gets a device, and the spotter(s) get the other. The shooter will control the hero character in the game, while the spotter(s) give directions and offer support.

The shooter is the game’s Hero. She’s equipped with a magic flashlight mapped to one of the mobile devices, and her basic actions are aiming, shooting, and reloading. The Hero needs to help the group and herself survive waves of creatures that emerge from the dark to snatch the magical Antlers.”

The spotter(s) are the Antlers. Using the other mobile device, they see each level with the Hero standing at the center surrounded by enemies, and must tell her what to do – where, when and in which order. Working together, it’s up to the players to find new and more efficient ways to communicate, in order to survive

Created by: Glitchnap

Stuff used:
-a smartphone
-a tablet

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