SIHEYU4N is conceived as a multiplayer variation on classic falling-block puzzle mechanics: goal of the game is to place the blocks in the correspondent colored slots of the central grid but – as each player controls one area of the game and each area spawns blocks of one color – players have to pass and receive blocks to/from the other ones, talking, sharing a strategy and cooperating together in order to complete the full grid.

By setting 4 players around a shared playable “square” and making them interact with each other towards a collaborative goal, SIHEYU4N aims at abstractly and playfully reproduce the experience of social aggregation of the original siheyuan (Beijing’s historical courtyards) residence concept, where 4 families used to live together on the 4 sides of a common “quadrangle”.

Created by: We are Müesli & Aran Koning

Stuff used:
-horizontal screen (table screen, hanging screen…)
-4 gamepads

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