Taphobos is a gaming experience that puts you in a place no one wants to be; a dark, deep and dingy coffin. You’re running out of oxygen and your only hope is someone at the other end of a call, you must guide them to your burial site through voice alone as you find clues dotted around your coffin.

The game uses a real life coffin, an Oculus Rift, a PC and some microphones. One player gets in the coffin with the Rift on, together with a headset + microphone. The other player plays on a PC again with mic + headset, this player will play a first person game where they must work with the buried player to uncover where the coffin is and rescue the trapped player before their oxygen runs out.

Created by: James Brown

Stuff used:
-Oculus Rift
-Microphones and headsets

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