R.O.H.D. is a coop-game for 2 players. The crazy scientists that you are created a terrible dinosaur. But it escapes and now comes for revenge. The most obvious solution: create a worst one!

In R.O.H.D. the players must travel between 4 workshops:

  • a few screenshots of security cameras
  • a book full of information about dinosaurs
  • some parts of dinosaurs
  • an assembling table where they can put their parts to build their dinosaur

They will have to talk together and confront their ideas in order to identify their enemy and find the best way to counter him in the short amount of time they have to do it.

Created by: Alix Bigan, Hugo Bochaton, Alexandre Courtin, Luc Derain, Maëlle Jacquart, Margaux Lukas, Charlotte Niquet

Stuff used:
– computer with 2 screen
– lot of paper