The game is a planetary exploration game where the player navigates a small Zeppelin through the strong storms of Venus. Wind visualization helps the pilot navigate the flow to find harvesters and hopefully finally escape this sulfuric hell! The Zeppelin has steampunk-esque valves and levers that reflect the antique-looking radio and its control dials. The player is multitasking to keep the Zeppelin afloat and hold it stationary near harvesters to collect their cargo. If they collect enough, they might be allowed to leave…

Created by : Robin Baumgarten, Petri Autio, Carles Salas, Douglas Pennant

Stuff used :
– a repurposed portable radio box with motorized central dial, force feedback, under-body lighting, switches, knobs, buttons
– A Nexus 7 (screen)
– An arduino

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