Greetings, Traveler!

You have been chosen to return to Earth’s early 21st century in order to collect trace residue from participants in our experimental research program for further analysis. You must be very excited!

Your mission is not without danger. Please do not neglect to read the following before speaking to your handler about your departure. Your handler will tell you more about the specifics of your mission’s context.


Earth in the early 21st is a dangerous place for trans people, and some of the traces that you uncover will no doubt contain evidence of transphobia and even violence against trans people. Please prepare yourself any way that you need to. If this is not the mission for you, please inform the handler and they will assist you.

(Excerpted from the Time Traveler’s Mission Briefing)

TRACES is a physical-digital hybrid game experience about time travel and trans experiences in a Western 2018/2019 context. Collect data from artefacts using your handheld scanner and discover traces of 21st century transphobia.

Created by : Jess Marcotte

Stuff used :
-custom handheld NFC scanner
-artefacts ( molded pulp cardboard, gaffer’s tape & paint)
-NFC chips

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