U.F.O. Bellies is a color trick game that requires the players to find the color of the word, not the text of the word itself. There are two teams with two players (total 4 players) and each one of the player wears the U.F.O belly that is covered with 3 primary color pads. Their goal is to complete the game faster than the other. The four players is catching the color of the word on the screen and find the right color from the belly by rotating it and bumping into each other. There are 10 levels and each level will show different word with the different color. This game is spacial because unlike how it easy it seems, it requires the players to be both mentally and physically challenged. There are 6 different colors, red, yellow, blue and 3 possible combinations of them – if the color of the word is purple, the two player has to bump red with blue.

Created by : Miyeon Kim, Yue Lin, Xianghan Ma & Xiaomeng Tang (Maximity)

Stuff used :
-plush bellies
-touch sensors

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