Void of Memory is a narrative game that takes place in the near future where ornate servers store any possible information on any given individual. Players take on the role of a protagonist who is required to collect and analyze the data stored in the servers. The players have a choice of whether to use the server solely for work related purposes or wheter to spy on people that are of interest to them. The game explores themes of ubiquitous computation, data collection, nostalgia, and a culture of obsession and voyeurism under constant surveillance. Players send messages to the server using infrared signals and flip extensions of the server to make choices in the game. The extensions have tilt switch sensors that determine wheter they are upside down or not. The change in orientation triggers changes on the screen. The coices that the player makes affects the outcome of the game. The game has a total of four different outcomes.

Created by : Julia Makivic

Stuff used :
-lasercut acrylic
-tilt switches
-infrared communication

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