A 2-player immersive space survival game.

Humanity has persisted through millennia on solar collection techniques and atomic reconfiguration technology, but none of this can protect us from the collapse of our only viable power source: the Sun. Every remaining planetary body in the solar system has been mined to construct an inter-galactic relay pod for each citizen alive today. While not perfect, nor entirely safe, it is the only way known yet to escape from the impending supernova.

Using wearable electronics and a generative audiovisual system, players must successfully communicate via radio to correct imbalances in the ships navigational systems and reach Gliese 581-c: humanity’s new home, just 20 light years from earth. Projection mapping, a life-size foam spaceship with cockpit controls, a transducer activated pilot seat to simulate wormhole turbulence, algorithmic music, generative visuals and real-time cooperative player communication combine to realize the familiar childhood dream of space travel.

Created by : Mónica Rikić, Jessica Blanchet, Grayson Earle, Dawn Hang Yue Wong and Peter van Haaften

Stuff used :
-ship built of foam core and 3d printed materials
-fully operational control panel
-wearable vest
-arduino sensors
-custom made « base command » controller

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